Welcome Summer 2012

Greetings!!!!  Sorry it has been quite some time since I have updated the blog…  Things have been extrememly busy for the Shinn’s.  I am going to catch you all up on or happenings, one person at a time……  So hang on for the ride…;

Kris & Brandi:  This month we celebrated our 8th year of marriage.  In some ways it seems like we have been married FOREVER, yet in other ways, it seems like it was only yesterday!  In honor of our anniversary, we went to dinner and to the Arkansas Traveler’s.  Although not very romantic, our time together ALONE is very limited and it was nice to be able to sit down, hang out and actually talk to one another without any interruptions with the exception of the occassional cheer for the team…..  So a night out like that was just the activity we needed!

Kris and I have both been very busy with work.  During the month of May, I was continously working on paperwork, attending conferences, and preparing for my upcoming summer workshops.  Kris also started traveling some with his job, and has made some great sales in the last few weeks.  Although both very busy, we are fortunate to have jobs that we love and enjoy!.  We are still continuing on our weight loss journey although both of us have somewhat be at a plateu here of late.  In recent weeks we have also started the “Insanity” workout.  Let me tell you, it is definately INSANE!!!  However, we are both seeing results, so that is super nice and makes it worth it.

Emma: Emma is 13 and officially a “teenager”….  So we have entered a whole new world. She has joined the social world of facebook, twitter, pinterest and all those other ” adult like” things. She is very involved in her activities at school and is representing her school in July at the  Family and Consumer Science National Convention.  She won on the state level for her speech on healthy lifestyles.  We are super proud to say the least.  She is playing softball, continuing to practice her shot put and discus for track and field, while trying to have a little fun during the summer as well.  She made straight A’s in the 7th grade and is taking algebra next year since she tested out of “prealgebra” early….. Hard for me to imagine, considering I can’t even subtract….  She is definately a great kid and I am looking forward to them being here soon fo the rest of the summer……

Kate: Kate turned “DOUBLE DIGITS” (10) in June.  Can’t believe the baldheaded little baby who cried and screamed all the time has turned into such a beautiful girl who bring me so much joy!  She too makes awesome grades, and did not MISS ANY QUESTIONS on her benchmark test….  NONE….  Amazing huh….  SHHHH don’t tell her though, because if she knew, she would think she didn’ have to do anymore school work….. EVER…………   Yea, she is like that….  Has a very strong personality for sure……  She also made straight A’s and is involved in sports.  She plays softball and loves it.  She also recently started wearing contacts as well and much to her delight, shoes with “little heels”.   She is our big time baker too…… Check out this great Sandy Beach Dessert she did for Father’s Day…….

It contains oreo’s, vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding, cream cheese, and whip cream, she also added in a few gummy words to make it more “kid friendly” she said.  Let me tell you it was very good and was a hit with eveyrone!  Especially with all the kids…    She found the recipe on pinterest!  We are looking forward to having the next 6 weeks to play and have fun in between my working.  Here are pictures from our last little outing at big lots….  This should give you an idea of how crazy we can be and how much FUN we have….


Will:  Wow, I don’t even know where to start on all the accomplishments we are seeing from Will. He had a great school year.  He participated in Special Olympics, as well as track and field day at his school ……  I have several cool videos, but can’t figure out how to upload them, so here are a few pictures….

  During the summer months, Will was fortunate enough to get in as one of the attendees of ACAMP, a camp that is specifically designed for children with Autism.  This is his second year to attend and we have gotten glowing reports of his progress from last year.  They have reported he is a great leader and has not had any behavioral issues at ALL……  PRAISE THE LORD……  Here are a few pictures of him at ACAMP…


Other huge accomplishents Will has made is in the area of communication…. He is talking SO MUCH MORE…..  Even asking questions to some degree…..  He has started shutting the bathroom door when he goes to the restroom, AND is flushing on a regular basis!!!!  YIPPPPEEEEEE……  Progress is SOOOO Sweet……   He is also being a little prepubscent boy too….  Honery as can be….   He  almost 5’1 and weighs about 150 lbs…..  Last time Will was at the dr for his wellness child check up, the dr told me that he would be around 6’4 by the time he was in high school…….  SO now you see why Kris and I are doing “INSANITY” exercise program…..  We are going to have to be in excellent shape to keep up with the little booger…..

SO that is where the Shinn family stands as of right now…..  Thanks for visiting and come back again soon….


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