Above All Else has had the privilege of working with numerous school districts. Here is what they have to say about the services they have received.

“Above All Else, Inc.” has provided me and special education teachers with professional training and valuable tools in dealing with social, behavior, and discipline issues with students who have special needs, especially children with Autism.  Brandi and Kris Shinn provide excellent services not only to teachers but parents, too.  I recommend Above All Else, Inc. to others because they can connect real life experience to what they offer.

-Tracy Massey,
Special Education Supervisor, Riverview School District, Searcy, AR

Above All Else Inc is a great resource for parents and schools.  It is nice getting input from a professional as well as a parent of a special needs child.  They are prompt with training opportunities and available to work around the school district’s schedules.

-Courtney Eubanks,
Special Education Supervisor, Lakeside School District, Hot Springs, AR

A lot of living with special needs, especially Autism, is being able to bounce things off of people who live it like we do.  That is what Brandi & Kris and Above All Else Services provides that is unique in the field…they have “been there and done that.”  With a special needs child of their own on the spectrum Brandi and Kris can most often say “yes, we have dealt with that and here are some ideas and suggestions.”  That has been so helpful to my family with a low functioning child on the spectrum.

P.T. & Christy Plunkett, Mena, AR

For me personally, I get wrapped up in all the emotion and have trouble adequately expressing concerns and being that strong person needed to effectively advocate for my child. I strongly recommend  Above All Else, Inc. to assist you with getting the help that is needed for your child. No parent should ever feel alone, frustrated or overwhelmed by the IEP process. Kris and Brandi were great to listen to my concerns and understand the emotion involved. They were great to provide their expertise so that I had a better understanding of the IEP process and how it should be followed. They were great to make suggestions and provide follow-up as needed for my son.

Sandee D. Bridgeman

As a special education supervisor, I have used Above All Else Services in a variety of ways depending on the specific needs of the school, student(s) and teacher(s). They have provided high quality whole group and small group trainings. They have also provided individualized support for specific teachers and/or programs to develop successful classroom environments based on student need.  I have been very pleased with their ability to customize a training and/or a service.
Jill LaRosa
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