When the Dust Settles…….

Thursday evening was spent frantically trying to reach my brother. Sending texts, calling and contacting others in search of his whereabouts, status and safety. 

Because my brother, he is a Dallas police officer and he works this shift. What an amazing relief to hear he had taken off that night to go get my niece and nephew.  We rejoiced for God’s favor as we mourned with the rest of our nation for those who did work their shift. Those officers who were coworkers and friends of my brother. Those who answered their Last Call unknowingly while protecting their city and doing a job they love. 

I went to bed that night with a sigh of relief, thanking and praising God for his protection and mercies. 

Seven hours later I was awakened by a phone call no one ever wants to receive. A complete stranger on the other end informing me of my husbands accident. No specific information just its serious and you need to get to the hospital now.

Silently preparing myself for the worst, while praying for a miracle and telling myself to hold it together, I shared the news with my two oldest daughters. We immediately begin to devise a plan to get me to the hospital 2 hours away from our home as quickly as possible. 

As I drove, I had no idea what I would be facing when I arrived. The extent of his injuries or honestly if he would even survive. I had been given very few details when the journey to Hot Springs from Greenbrier began. Thankfully both sets of our parents live closer and were able to get there quickly. I was updated often of his status until I reached him. 

Hearing how lucky he was to be alive and the horrific condition of the car I was feeling immensely blessed to be seeing my husband alive…… 

But I wasnt fully prepared to see this.  Im not sure I even have the words to describe how these pictures make me feel. 

My husband is a breathing, walking, talking miracle. To see the condition of his car and to hear the details of his accident one would expect a fatality. But praise God, he has plans for my husband. He has minimal injuries considering he was ejected from the car and found 350 ft away from the resting spot of the vehicle. 

God was protecting him and saved his life. There really is no other explanation. You cant look at the photos and believe anything other than God spared his life! 

And yet….. After all the dust has settled, the agonizing “what ifs” that could have occurred within a 12 hour time frame from Thursday evening to Friday morning are flooding my mind and holding me captive. 

The overwhelming realization of how close I came to becoming a widow and losing a sibling within the same 12 hours is frightening. 

God’s protection of those I love is evident. My family is blessed and grateful. Those feelings resinate within me. I praise God and rejoice! And yet my mind continues to play the scenerios over and over in my mind. While my heart rejoices…. 

Feelings of guilt have set in, anxiety, and fear…. But I know its the devil trying to steer me off course. But despite what I know to be true the tricks your mind plays on you during the night time hours consumes me. 

So although I shouldnt ask- cause so many more people are hurting and in distress much more than me; but for the sake of my peace of mind please whisper a prayer over me….  One for God to renew my mind and shield it from the tricks the devil is trying to play. 

My words of thankfulness and gratitude could never fully express to everyone how appreciative we are for your kind words, visits and encouragement. 

We love you….. 

And when you see me please remind me to put my big girl panties on everyday, wear a smile and fight like the blessed woman I am!!!! 

Love- Bran

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