Will vs Willie (continued)

If you didn’t get to read the first 1/2 of this story you NEED to go read it and then come back to continue the madness!!!

After spending at least 5 minutes trying to convince Will that Willie was dead and that we (Will and I) needed to go in, He would have no part of it! He was determine to stay where he was and not budge from his stance. Being at a loss as to what to do next I just tried to hold myself together in what was a tragic situation all the while funny as heck. Will continually stood Willie up and told him to do it as he ran off… As soon as Will turned away, the wind would blow, and Willie would fall over to the ground again…. Then, here came Will back, pointing his finger and saying, “do it Willie”….. Standing Willie back up only to crash and burn yet again. As I stood there watching my son play with my dog…who just happens to be dead, I ponder what to do next. Desperately needing back up, I called Kris for help. The phone call went something like this:

Brandi: “Hey Honey, we have a problem. Willie died”.
Kris: “Oh honey, I am so sorry.”
Brandi: ” Me too, but that isn’t the worst of it…”
Kris with deep concern and bewilderment in his voice: “What do you mean that isn’t the worst of it…?”
Brandi: “Well it isn’t… Will is…playing…with Willie…”
Kris: “I thought you said Willie was dead?”
Brandi: “I did!”
Kris: “Then why are you letting him play with him…?
Brandi: “I’m not letting him but I can’t get him to stop and come in.”
Kris: “Well, do something with him…

Now, my interpretation of this was, to do something with Willie.
Kris’ interpretation of this was to do something with Will.

So my response was…

Brandi: “What do you want me to do, get a box to put him in and stick him on the shelf until you get home?!”
Kris: “No! Take him to the neighbors.”
Brandi (again still thinking he is speaking of Willie, the dog): “What do you want me to do, put him in a box and go ring the neighbors doorbell and say hey, my dog died, can you watch him for me until my husband can get home to bury him?”
Kris: “…Just forget it. I will come home and take care of it.”

In the meantime, I am still outside watching my son and the dog do the tango. It went something like this:

“do it”

run away

fall over

come back…

“do it.”

run away

fall over

come back…

My being the great woman I am tried to explain to Will and his autistic mind that Willie wasn’t here anymore. He had gone to be with Jesus… I will never forget the look that Will gave me interpreted as this…

“Mom, you are so stupid. Willie didn’t go to be with Jesus. Willie is laying right here… Can’t you see him?” No mind you this is all the while I am getting the GREAT dirty looks by my kid as though he was saying “I must have the stupidest mother around.”

Kris finally arrives home. As with any good family we had a funeral service for Willie. We shared how great Willie was to us. What a great dog he was and how we were going to miss him. Will waved by to him and discussed how Willie was going to be with Memaw Prissy and Memaw Shinn in heaven and how we wouldn’t see him anymore. All the while he is looking at me like, “Mom, your an idiot. Willie is outside…I just saw him!”

Kris carefully placed Willie in his final resting place in the backyard with all of our other four-legged friends we have lost over the years. I kept Will busy inside by fixing him a snack. This was the very end of August so it was quite hot outside so by the time Kris finished digging the whole for Willie’s burial site although small, Kris was ringing with sweat due to the heat and the difficult terrain in our back yard. He came in to take a shower. Will went back outside and I continued with the preparations for supper. Thinking our momentous afternoon had come to a halt…Boy was I wrong!

Once again, I walked back through the entry hall. I glanced outside to see what Will was up to and low and behold if I didn’t see with my own two eyes… It was just like in the bible days… LAZARUS had arose… In the form of a dog names Willie…

Yep you guessed it. In that short time, Will had dug Willie back up and gotten him out of his box and had him standing up once again. I couldn’t believe my eyes…I didn’t know if I should laugh, cry, or be in amazement that perhaps our pentecostal roots were taking action and that Will was rising folks…or in our case, dogs from the dead… But whatever the emotion, it was true! Willie was up among the standing once again.

I hollared at Kris, who by this time is out of the shower and in clean clothes. “Uh honey, we have a problem……” Kris, “what is it now… ” I tell him trying not not to laugh, knowing that for me it was funny, cause I wasn’t the one who was going to have to re-dig the hole. “Willie has risen from the dead, just like Lazarus….” Kris says, “you have got to be freaking kidding me? ” “Nope”, I say, “Come look for yourself…it is a MIRACLE!” At that point, he tells me…”Get Will in the car and y’all go somewhere while I take care of Willie…come back after dark so he can’t go back outside and dig him up again…” So off to McDonald’s we go……

The moral of the story:

Never underestimate the power of a boy wanting to play, and the power of a dog wanting to stand!

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