Will vs Willie

Okay, as crazy as it may appear, we at one time had a dog named Willie and of course a son’s name is Will. We’re not that quirky, life just happens. When Kris and I married, he acquired my dogs, one of whom was named Willie, and I acquired his children one of whom was named Will.

Thus came the tale of two Will(ie)’s.

Now for those of you who have heard this story before in person, know that reading it on the page just doesn’t give it justice. In the future I guess I need to have people at my workshops video record my crazy stories, such as this one, so I can upload the video so others will get the full effects of the outlandish expressions, the hand gestures, and hearing the roar of laughter around you… But since you possibly haven’t heard it, I am going to do my best to set the stage before telling you this amusing story:

Willie is/was my dog. He was some sort of mutt most often compared to that of a jack russell terrier. He was white with black spots. He had long legs but was still a small dog. He was very friendly, very hyper, but loved to snuggle and was my dog for many years.

Will, on the other hand, is my son. At the time, Will was about 8 years old. He too is white and occasionally has black spots most often known as dirt. Unlike Willie the dog, he has short legs and is big for a boy his age. He too is friendly (especially if you have food you are willing to share), can be very hyper, also loves to snuggle and will continue to be my son for many years.

So as you can see the two Will(ie)’s had quite a bit in common. Oh and one other thing about Will the kid…he has autism…that will be of importance later in the story.

As on any given weekday, before I started working full-time, I had let Willie (the dog) out into the back yard before leaving the house to go pick up Will (the kid) from school. Upon returning home, Will went outside and I stayed inside to straighten the house and prepare for the supper. Normally, you could hear Willie barking as he and Will ran around the yard playing chase. Today was like any other day…or so I thought…

After being in the kitchen for what may have been about a 15 minutes, I walked through the entry hall to peer out to see what the boy (Will) was doing. I noticed he was bending over with his finger pointed talking to Willie. I remember thinking, “How on earth is he getting Willie (the dog) to stand so still and listen to him?” I was even disgusted to some degree thinking what a shame it was that the dog listened to the kid much better than my kids listened to me.

The longer I stood there, the more I begin to realize that not only was Willie being still, he wasn’t moving…at all! Will (the kid) took off running in hopes that Willie would chase him as they always did. But within seconds of him running, I noticed that Willie was not chasing him, which was very unusual for such a hyper active dog not to be chasing a kid. So I look back to see what had drawn his attention away from his play partner.

Much to my amazement, I see Willie but he is laying down. Not like you see a dog laying down in a nap position, but laying down like he had fallen over. Again this peeked my interest. I remember thinking, “Goodness, don’t tell me Will (the kid) told him to play dead?” I decided to investigate a little further, so leaving the entry hall, I make my way into the living room so I can see clearly. I continued to stand in the living room for another minute or two. During this time, Willie still wasn’t moving and Will had come back and proceeded to point his finger again, telling Willie just what he was to do. But again Willie did nothing. He didn’t move, he didn’t bark, he didn’t…make a sound or a movement. It was at this time I figured out that Willie wasn’t such a good minder… Willie was DEAD!

Now remember, this was my beloved dog, who had been fine only minutes before as I had left to go pick up my son for school. Trying to choke back the tears and not act too upset, I headed outside to tell Will the horrible news. However much to my dismay, Will had gotten a hold of Willie and…stood him back up. Yes! Stood him up as if he was a stuffed dog off of one of those crazy reality show.

I know it is hard to believe but try. Just close your eyes and imagine. This little bitty white dog with black spots, laying flush on his side. This 8-year-old demanding he sit. Play. Bark…and the dog not responding but falling over continually. This was all the initiative Will needed. He again picked up Willie and stood him up.

*Yes, I contacted the vet about how in the world a dead dog could be stood up. She stated that apparently Willie had died instantly from an apparent heart attack and that he had went into riggers instantly… Leaving his legs flush with one another therefore enabling him to stand on his own for very short periods of time….

Return tomorrow to hear the rest of the saga.

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