You Make Me Smile…… 2013 in Review

As I look back at the past year, I realize although it was a very difficult year for me physically, my family has had many success’. I couldn’t be more proud of Will, a child with autism whom we were told would be institutionalized by the time he was 12, who would never speak, and never be able to form relationships. As you will see, none of these things have turned out to be factual. As a matter of fact, he has defied them all…….. My girls, are growing into beautiful, caring and respectful young ladies that I couldn’t be more proud of……

Is our life sometimes difficult, yes, is it hard to balance life with a child diagnosed with severe autism, YES…. is it even more difficult sometimes because we have a blended family, YES…. do we have the same struggles in addition to the ones listed previously that everyone else does yes……. BUT as you will see, we are blessed…. We have three children who SMILE…. Love life, LOVE each other and LOVE GOD…. So although Autism Sucks… somedays more than others, and somedays I miss the girls so much it is hard for me to breathe….. We are family, we are blessed, and we are thankful for you our readers who are walking this journey with us, one laugh, one tear and one step at a time….

May 2014 MAKE YOU SMILE!!!!!!!

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  1. Beautiful video!

    • brandishinn says:

      Jill, thanks so much!!! You are one of our biggest supporters and we are thankful!! I think of you with a smile every time I see my warmer!!!

  2. This is so beautiful!!! I have a sister who is autistic. She has grown into a very talented artist and writer. If you see any special gifts in your child don’t let them slip by the wayside. You may have a very gifted child.
    God Bless you and your family. I love it

    • brandishinn says:

      Cher, How old is your sister? I think it is awesome you have discovered her talents. I am hoping we discover Will’s talents soon in addition to “eating.” LOL…. Thanks so much for commenting on our posts. We don’t get alot of comments so when we do we are very appreciative, it lets us know that someone is reading it!!! Thanks again, and so glad you enjoyed… Brandi

  3. Brandi, I love this. Thank you so much! Lord Bless you, and your beautiful family.

  4. Fantastic! You made me smile…..

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